I really need to finish putting up the important things on my page. Like rules and mun page and relationships.

But for now, sleep.

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taping mistletoe to my butt so you can all kiss my ass


                                                      I put the fun in funeral

                                      I put the laughter in manslaughter

                                                    I put the hot in p̛̜͍͔̺̄̓͘ ŝ̢̯̼̭̊͋͝ ỵ̢̗̹̋̉͛̚ c̹̖͎͚͛̈́͘ h̗̤͎̱̊̿̚͝ o̺̠̟̗̍͗̕͝ t̤͓͓̜̀͒̿͘ i̞̺̮̦͛̀͊̒c̳̪̼̬̽̋͘͘


Fashion! Put It All on Me ➝  Gemy Maalouf Bridal Wear s/s 2014

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I   C A N   B E   S E L F I S H .

     I want your   { eyes }   to look only at    m e ;

                Your   { lips }   to say nothing but my    n a m e ,

                Your   { body }   to need   n o   o n e   e l s e ’ s ,    

                Your   { heart }   to beat with with   m i n e ——

                Your   { soul }   to be a part of my    o w n .  

I   C A N   B E   S E L F I S H :

But if that would not make you stay,
                          I’d rather suffer in silence
                          Than see you walk away.

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Do you have any critiques or things you like about how I play my character?

If so tell me now! I’m always looking to improve my muse and my writing. Any feedback is great feedback!

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                                            Destroy them.

                                        Destroy everything.

                                                                              You don’t need them.

               They’re vermin,
                                                                 foul little leeches.

                                       Disgusting. Pathetic.

    Kill them all.

                                        Wring their necks.
                          Drain the juices from their corpses.

                                                                   Make them suffer.

                                Break them once and for all.

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I love the asshole type relationship.

You don’t always have to be sweet and lovey dovey all the time. You can be the assholes to each other and be mean. That’s when you know there is comfortableness. Making fun of each other, calling mean names, abusing each other. Abusing as in joking around. The playful fighting. That’s another way to show love. 

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if we already have a thread going you can start another with me.
if we have a thread going you can reply to memes
if we have a thread going you can tag me in starters
short or long
basically we can have a million and one different threads.
I don’t care as long as I get to roleplay with y o u.

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The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I’m alive but monsters are always hungry, darling, and they’re only a few steps behind you.

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Push me and I’ll push back

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                                          [ i love you ]

                                       but sometimes

             i want to bash your head into the fucking wall

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